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Why Us? Simple, the Internet now produces over 300 million searches per day...(that's 10 times as many as the Yellow Pages), and as a search engine optimization and online marketing company, our site generates business leads for numerous service related industries nationwide. was specifically designed to offer consumers a FAST and EASY way to request help from a professional garage door service provider...MAYBE LIKE YOUR COMPANY!

Our specialty is getting our site's ranked high for keyword terms related to the garage door industry. Furthermore, we cross promote ALL our sites with the leads each site generates so someone who requested a quote for auto insurance last week will be introduced to this week with an email suggesting they consider replacement of their opener. If they live in your service area, THEN YOU GET THE LEAD!

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Tho whom it may concern:
I own a large regional retail Garage Door repair and replacement company located in the Tampa Bay area. We started with (GDA) as a paid referral source about six months ago. Their leads have steadily increased in frequency and quality during this time. We convert roughly 90% of GDA leads into paying business. The quality of the business we get from them is excellent. I will continue to buy as many referral leads from GDA as they are able to produce. I highly recommend giving them a try.

I am not affiliated with GDA in any way. I'm just a happy customer. Please feel free to call me for more detailed feedback at 727-524-0001.
James Rapp
Precision Garage Door
Clearwater, Fl

"I wanted to write you and let you know that your lead service has been great!
I have recieved about 6 leads or so the first week and all of them have been great service calls. I also have been able to increase my rates slightly on the leads, because I don't have to compete over the same leads. I have used other lead services, and some have proven that they can not produce leads, while others produce leads but sell the same lead to as many as 5 other companies. has been great so far and most customers are ready to do business same or next day. Thanks again!"
Andrew Smith - Owner of 1st Choice Garage Doors, INC.

"Bravo! It was a leap of faith to add Garage Doors of America (GDA) as a new sales channel. Of course I was skeptical. Huh? Another internet company soliciting my hard earned dollars? I’m glad we did! Our GDA leads have been increasing and we have an amazingly high close rate (I estimate about 3 out 4). Some customers even call us before we check our leads – we get calls for service or estimates and discover our new customer found us through Good job! Thanks to the excellent response and professional services for the Maryland and D.C. areas, we have just added GDA to our newest location in Florida. On behalf of the staff at ARDCO Garage Doors and ARDCO-South, I am happy to welcome Garage Doors of America as our partner and extend our appreciation for the outstanding results."
Bill Howard, Owner of ARDCO Garage Doors (Access Rolling Door Co.)

"We have received several leads in the last week or so and have closed 3 sales for sure! Thank you for this service and again I thank you for contacting us and offering us a chance to partner with you in our area. I feel this is a great service other door operators should take advantage of."
Jim Payne, Owner of Door Systems Inc.

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Partner selection is determined by our staff and your company must be familiar with handling leads expeditiously that are sent to you via inbound calls.

Check Availability & Place a No-obligation Courtesy Hold on Your Service Area

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